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Salary and Benefits

715 Salary

The following procedures will be followed in determining placement on the salary schedule:

  1. Credit for previous employment in like employment categories shall be considered up to a maximum of six years.
  2. Previous part-time experience in like employment categories will be evaluated. In calculating initial placement, each year of part-time work experience in a like employment category will be granted credit on a proportionate basis, e.g. 2 years half-time experience = 1 year full-time credit.
  3. Salary levels are normally equivalent to years of experience in the field of education or appropriate category of employment. For Boarding Division personnel, life experience may be counted for years of experience, up to the maximum of previous experience allowed.
  4. Part-time and full-time experience within Morrison Academy will accrue at the rate of one level per year regardless of full-time or part-time status.
  5. One level of credit is given for a Master's degree in the area of responsibility. However, the maximum levels of credit granted to new employees for experience and a Master's degree is six.

The annual salary schedule of 2020/21 school year is as follows (NT$ per year):

Level Salary Certified Salary
0 610,114 671,125
1 625,758 688,333
2 641,402 705,542
3 657,046 722,750
4 672,689 739,958
5 688,333 757,167
6 703,977 774,375
7 719,281 791,209
8 734,585 808,044
9 749,889 824,878
10 775,788 853,367

Employee salary will be paid on a prorated basis, with the number of teacher work days serving as the standard for 1 FTE (full-time equivalent). Teacher work days (188 days) for Morrison Academy expatriate employees shall be specified on the annual school calendar. Multiple enhancements are cumulative, not compounded. Based on Job Description, enhanced salary compensation is as follows:

  • SAC-level administrators - 1.35 times salary level
  • Administrative Assistants - 1.05 times salary level
  • Learning Coaches - 1.025 times salary level or equivalent stipend
  • Certified employees (whose job description includes certification and whose certification is current July 1) - 1.10 times salary level (effective July 1, 2017)

Contracted staff will receive a longevity enhancement on base salary each year after completing 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service at Morrison (at 0.5 FTE or greater each year). The associated % of enhancement is determined at the start of the school year for staff who have met or exceeded the years of service, as follows:

  • 10 years of service: 2.0%
  • 15 years: 4.0%
  • 20 years: 6.0%
  • 25 years: 8.0%

SAC 2/20
Reference - Policy 2031 SAC
Policy 3520 Expatriate Employee Work Year

725 Payroll Regulations

Direct Hire Personnel
Annual compensation will be divided into 12 monthly payments, based on the fiscal year of July 1st to June 30th. Payday will normally be the 20th day of the month. June's salary will normally be included in the May payroll.

A division of salary may be requested as a combination of local bank account deposit, US$ direct deposit, or US$ check. Changes must be submitted on the school's online payroll instructions before the 10th of the month.

An advance on salary may be requested. No more than 40% of the monthly salary should be advanced at any one time. This advance can be made without interest.

Short-term loans, usually for new staff initial house set up or vehicle purchase, may be requested. All loans must be paid off within the term of the employee's current contract. Interest of 1% per month will be assessed on the principal. Staff may pro-rate school related fees (meal plan, learning needs, etc.) over the course of the current semester with no interest charged. Loan requests are to be filed with the Director of Finance who will draw up a loan agreement and repayment schedule.

Mission-Supported Personnel
Compensation for mission-supported personnel will normally be paid in two payments to the employee's mission. Normally, these payments will be made in October and March.

SAC 1/97

727 Benefits

Benefits listed in procedures 730 through 798 will be limited to contract Head-of-household (.8 FTE or greater) expatriate employees (as defined in procedure 511), pro-rated to actual FTE, unless otherwise stated in the procedures. Temporary employees and ROC citizens contracted under the National benefit system (as defined in procedure 511) will not qualify for these benefits.

Head-of-Household Status will be determined by the Superintendent. Factors considered in determining head-of-household status will be:

  • Head-of-household status is necessary to meet the needs of the family. Total net income (excluding Morrison retirement, education and housing benefits) received in Taiwan by employee and spouse should be less than NT$2,500,000 per year to qualify. Financial disclosure may be required in order to qualify.
  • The spouse of a full-time Christian worker or missionary in Taiwan who is working full-time at Morrison in a position that allows head-of-household benefits may be considered head-of-household.
  • The primary reason for the family being in Taiwan is to serve at Morrison Academy

The spouse of a Head of Household employee is defined as a dependent.

For a child to be recognized as a dependent the child must be 23 years of age or younger.

  • For an adopted child to be considered a dependent the adoption must be recognized by a court of law. A child whose adoption is in process but not yet finalized by court of law is eligible for the NT$5,000/month child allowance, but not eligible for any other dependent benefits.
  • For a child from a previous marriage to be considered a dependent, the employee must be legally and financially responsible for the child.
  • Child allowances may be provided for up to 5 years after graduation from high school if the parents are financially supporting the child who is enrolled in a full-time Morrison recognized undergraduate or below educational program. Full time language study in an undergraduate program is not a Morrison recognized undergraduate program.
  • The child must be single.

For families that have more than three children, the families may designate any three children as dependent children in May each year for the next school year.

When head-of-household status, the number or designation of dependents changes, benefits will be adjusted at the end of the fiscal year, with the exception of marriage, births and adoptions. In these cases, child allowance, travel and health care benefits will be adjusted the month after the marriage, birth or adoption takes place.

The following benefits related to dependent children will be discontinued after the child graduates from high school or discontinues their K-12 education.

  • Medical insurance
  • Travel allowance (except for departure from Taiwan immediately following graduation)
  • Relocation allowance
  • Expatriate re-signing allowance (procedure 779)
  • Housing benefits (procedure 760)

SAC 2/20
Reference - Policy 3400 Benefits

730 Child Allowance

The school will pay a prorated child allowance for each dependent child (maximum three dependent children) of a .8 FTE and greater head-of household employee. The child allowance for the current school year, per qualifying dependent, is NT$5,000 per month. A NT$4,000 per month preschool supplement will be paid to families whose spouse earns less than NT$300,000 annually and who have one or more preschool dependent children in the home. “Preschool dependent child” is defined as a dependent child who is not yet enrolled in a five year old kindergarten program.

SAC 2/20
Reference - Policy 3400 Benefits

745 Emergency Medical Insurance outside Taiwan

For direct-hire head-of-household employees and their dependents, Morrison provides overseas (outside Taiwan) emergency medical insurance that covers most non-elective, emergency medical expenses, excluding pre-existing conditions and pregnancy related expenses. The insurance, provided by Talent Trust (TTC) and underwritten by AETNA, covers up to US$1,000,000 per family member per year. The deductible for TTC is US$1,000 per condition. The employee is responsible for the first $100 per condition and Morrison will reimburse the cost of the deductible between US$100 and US$1,000. In the case of a medical emergency outside of Taiwan, the employee should show their TTC card to medical service providers and phone the TTC phone number on the card. If the medical condition is anticipated to cost less than US$1,000 then the hospital may refuse to call TTC and the employee may need to pay the bill before receiving reimbursement from Morrison.

For mission-supported head-of-household employees Morrison gives the mission a Health Care Benefit stipend. For a single the stipend is NT$10,000/year, for an employee with one dependent the stipend is NT$20,000/year, and for an employee with more than one dependent the stipend is NT$30,000/year.

TCM 6/21
Reference - Policy 3400 Expatriate Employee Benefits
Procedure 560 Member Care

750 R.O.C. Income Tax Benefit

Any Republic of China income tax liability resulting from Morrison Academy employment related to the new and departing staff’s non-resident status (staying less than 183 days in Taiwan) will be paid by the school.

SAC 11/11
Reference - Policy 3400 Benefits

755 Relocation Benefit

A prorated relocation benefit will be paid for .8 FTE and greater, head-of-household employees and their dependents (maximum three dependent children) who are coming to Taiwan for the first time. Employees may receive the benefit in cash shortly after arrival. The benefit can be considered a tax-exempt expense if receipts related to moving (i.e. excess baggage, shipping, household items, etc.) are collected and submitted to the Cashier in the first semester. Receipts can either be from outside Taiwan or in Taiwan with the Morrison tax number on them. Any portion not covered by receipts will be considered personal taxable income and the appropriate tax withheld. The NT$ relocation benefit is listed below:

Employee NT 25,000
Spouse NT 15,000
Each dependent child
(maximum 3)
NT 10,000

Employees and their dependents who, after a period of two or more years off-contract, return to Morrison Academy as employees, are eligible to again receive the relocation benefit. Head-of-household employees hired on-island for the first time are eligible for 50% of this benefit. The employee is responsible for the cost of passports or passport photos. Morrison will reimburse costs related to processing an ROC residence visa and work permit in accordance with Procedure 430.

Departure (effective 2018/19 school year)
A prorated relocation benefit of NT$30,000 will be paid for .8 FTE and greater head-of-household employees departing Morrison and who plan to leave Taiwan. 50% of the amount will be paid if not leaving Taiwan.

SAC 12/17
Reference - Policy 3400 Benefits

760 Housing Benefit

School-managed housing or a housing allowance will be provided for 1.0 FTE head-of-household personnel and 1.0 FTE mission-supported personnel who are working in a head-of-household position. If school-managed housing is not available, or the employee does not want school-managed housing, the employee, or the employee’s mission will receive a housing allowance.

Housing Allowance The following housing allowance will be paid for 1.0 FTE, head-of-household employees who do not receive Morrison managed housing.

Household Size Kaohsiung/Taichung Taipei
  • Single employee
  • Couple without children
NT $14,000 NT $22,000
  • Two children of the same gender
  • One child
NT $18,000 NT $28,000
  • Three or more children
  • Two children of different genders with one or both children being 5 or older
NT $22,000 NT $34,000

School-Managed Housing

Housing Size Normally, the size of the housing unit will be determined by the number and gender of dependent children less than 19 years of age and living at home.

Children Number of Bedrooms Maximum sq meters*
None Two 150
  • Two children of the same gender
  • One child
Three 180
  • Three or more children
  • Two children of different genders with one or both children being 5 or older
Four 210

*Maximum square meters does not include public space or stairs, but includes balconies. Apartments may have an additional room if the additional room is used as a laundry room and if the extra room does not cause the total floor space to exceed the total maximum allowed in this chart.

Normally employees may not be assigned to live in units that are larger than the employee requires. When a family downsizes they will be required to move into a smaller housing unit that falls within the above mentioned guidelines. If a Morrison owned housing unit of the correct size is available and would otherwise be vacant, the family will be required to move into that housing unit or to opt for a housing allowance. The Director of Finance may make exceptions to managed housing size according to the following criteria on a yearly basis only.

  • If the Director of Finance initiates an exception based on Morrison's housing needs, employees may be permitted to live in a larger Morrison owned unit that would otherwise be left empty with access to one room restricted.
  • When an employee requests an exception and is allowed to live in a Morrison owned unit larger than the maximums specified above then there will be a monthly payroll deduction amounting to NT$100 / square meter / month for the additional space.

Whenever the school initiates a move from one campus to another, the school will provide fifty percent of the relocation allowance as stated in procedure 755 - Relocation Benefits. When the school or landlord initiates a move within the same city, the school will provide fifty percent of the relocation allowance.

When an employee asks to move from one Morrison owned housing unit to another Morrison owned housing unit both of which contain the number of bedrooms allowed by this procedure, all costs related to readying the employee’s current housing unit for another employee will be covered by the employee requesting the move.

When single employees choose to share a two or three bedroom school-managed housing unit they will each receive a monthly payroll housing supplement of NT$5,000.

Assignment of Housing
In order to be considered for assignment to a school-managed housing unit or to move into a different school-managed housing unit, employees should make written requests to the Director of Finance prior to March 1st for the following school year.

Housing assignment decisions will normally be made by April 1 and will be made after consultation with the appropriate Housing Manager. The Director of Finance, in consultation with the Superintendent, may choose to delay decision-making on specific housing units, if staffing for the following year is still pending.

When more than one employee qualifies for a vacant housing unit the assignment decision will be based on the following priorities:

  1. Mission-supported head-of-household Taichung (but not Taipei and Kaohsiung) personnel whose missions sold Taichung faculty row property to Morrison after 1994;
  2. Full-time Head-of-household personnel in order of their months of service at Morrison (even if they have been absent for a few years).
  3. Other full-time expatriate personnel (on a yearly basis only);
  4. All other Morrison personnel (on a yearly basis only)

Consideration shall also be given to personnel who wish to return to the same Morrison owned building following a furlough. This is contingent upon the family size remaining the same, written approval by the Director of Finance prior to the furlough, and the employee removing all personal belongings prior to departure. Storage of personal belongings is the sole responsibility of the personnel on furlough. If Morrison has space the employee may rent it for storage but if there is no space available the employee must make other arrangements.

Appliances and Furnishings
School-managed housing is equipped with air-conditioners (one in the living area and in bedrooms allowed in the chart above,), ceiling fans (in the living area and bedrooms where possible), refrigerator, oven, clothes washer, clothes dryer, one telephone line with telephone, water heater, kitchen cabinets, window blinds (or sheers), bedroom closets, and lights.

Rudimentary, used living room, dining room and bedroom furnishings will be provided for new employees until the end of the October holiday of their first year of employment with the school. Living and dining furnishings are provided in the student areas of dormitory units.

Morrison Academy will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal effects. Tenants are responsible to insure personal effects if desired.

Maintenance and Repairs
In school-managed housing, renovations and painting at the school's expense are normally done before tenants move in and thereafter single-coat painting no more than every four years and only upon request. When the school repaints, they will only pay for the cost of one coat of off-white paint. The school will not attempt to match any color changes that have been made. Any extra expense will be charged to the tenant. If the tenant does not request repainting, there is no reimbursement in any form at any time.

Changes in decor, paint color, structure, and/or anything else to accommodate the renter's convenience or preferences are the tenant's expense, must be approved in advance by the Housing Manger and returned to original condition at the tenant's expense when vacating the unit. Gluing carpet to the floor and wall papering with the exception of borders is not permitted.

Tenants are responsible for minor repairs arising from normal usage or any major repairs/replacements due to gross negligence. For example, tenants are normally responsible for cleaning air conditioners, clogged drains, broken glass, repositioning of fixtures, extra window/floor covering, and other hardware. Tenants may do the work themselves, arrange for repairs on their own, or request the Housing Manager to arrange for the work to be done at the tenant's expense. The school is otherwise responsible for major repairs and replacements.

Utilities and Public Services
Garbage collection, electricity for public spaces, and security fees for on-campus and off-campus managed housing are paid by the school.

Tenants will be responsible to pay electricity, phone/internet, gas and water utility bills. MAK and MAC on-campus tenants will be charged a fee twice per year to help offset the cost that the school pays for the water provided by the campus. The water fee charged to tenants will be determined by the Director of Finance and take into consideration the actual cost incurred.

The Director of Finance has the right to require removal of pets from managed housing units if the Housing Manager deems that the pet irritates the neighbors, is a health threat, or causes property damage. Fish, birds and other clean, contained animals are permissible. In Morrison owned units built after the year 2000, dogs and cats are not permissible.

Employees may allow friends to use their home during their absence and may accept reimbursement for utilities, but may not make a profit from subletting. The one exception to this is when an employee is boarding a student. This exception is only granted if the employee who is boarding a student reports the income on his/her income tax. The Director of Finance or the Housing Manager should be informed of the names of any guests who will be using the housing unit for more than 10 days duration during a tenant's absence. Any employee wishing to have a roommate must receive written permission from the Director of Finance.

Managed housing may not be used to conduct any business that involves employing people other than members of the employee's immediate family. The Director of Human Services may require employees to discontinue using managed housing for private lessons, tutoring, or camps if any of the following conditions are not met.

  1. Advertising does not include the Morrison name and is restricted to word of mouth or flyers handed out to acquaintances, but not posted.
  2. Employing additional teachers is not permitted.
  3. Parking is limited to the street or school parking lot in order to avoid congestion in the faculty housing area.
  4. Painting and other facility maintenance needs related to these activities will be the employee's responsibility.
  5. Care is taken to respect the needs of neighbors.

Fees & Deposit
A rental deposit for school-managed housing will be deducted from the employee's last payroll before the end of the tenant’s departure from managed housing. The balance of the deposit shall be refunded within four months, together with a statement showing any utility, cleaning, or repair deducted from the deposit.

Family size Amount
Single NT $20,000
Couple NT $25,000
Family NT $30,000

Tenants are responsible for payment of utilities such as gas, electricity, telephone, TV cable, ADSL, and water fees. The school will be responsible for any building management and parking fees for either a car or a scooter.

Departure & Inspection
Before a tenant vacates a school-managed housing unit, the Housing Manager will inspect the premises for damage and cleanliness. All the employee's belongings must be removed from the facility and yard. All cupboards and drawers must be fully cleared and wiped clean. Floors must be swept. All trash must be disposed. Appliances, furniture, window coverings and floor coverings must be clean. If any of the above conditions are not met, a cleaning charge of NT$1,000 per room may be deducted from the rental deposit. Any items left after the employee vacates will be disposed. Before leaving Taiwan, employees must pay all utility bills they have received. Utility bills received after the employee departs Taiwan will be handled by the Housing Manager and deducted from the employee's housing deposit.

Morrison Academy reserves the right to enter school managed housing units at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection and whenever necessary to make repair and alterations to the premises. Normally this would be prearranged with the tenant.

SAC 11/18
Reference - 4512 Faculty Housing
Reference - 447 School-managed Housing

765 Expatriate Retirement Benefit

Any contracted expatriate personnel, regardless of their FTE status (%), may elect to participate in a matching retirement program. The retirement account will be set up by the employee in their name and held by an established investment firm, bank, mutual fund company, Taiwan Government Pension Plan or other reputable financial institution. The school's maximum contribution will be 13% of the employee's base salary and the employee's personal contribution will be 7% of their base salary. Morrison trusts employees to reserve these funds for retirement. Request for payments to a retirement program shall be sent to the Director of Finance. New staff may request to use retirement funds to repay student loans that were incurred prior to their employment at Morrison.

SAC 8/17
Reference - Policy 3400 Expatriate Employee Benefits
Procedure 514 Taiwan Labor Insurance and Labor Pension

766 Resourcing Christian Education International (RCE)

RCE International is a non-profit mission organization focused on serving MK schools worldwide. Expatriate personnel may be affiliated with RCE in order to receive some services that are normally provided by traditional mission organizations. These services include a channel by which to raise funds for ministry expenses, participation in U.S. payroll taxes, and access to third-party service providers. Morrison employees who choose to affiliate with RCE may elect to have a portion of their salary contributed to RCE for their individual ministry account. Any changes (start or end dates, change in amount, etc.) may be done in either January or July of each year and must be submitted to the Director of Finance at least one month prior.

SAC 3/18

770 School Fee Discount

Morrison Academy school entrance fee, tuition, building fee, dormitory program fee, admissions testing fee, and registration fees will be discounted for the dependent children of .5 FTE and greater employees. Discounts will be prorated based on the employee's actual FTE.

Employees who meet the definition of MISSIONARY in POLICY #1613 will also receive the TAIWAN MISSIONARY DISCOUNT (POLICY #4281) prior to calculating the school fee discount. All .5 FTE and greater expatriate employees hired before July 2018 will receive the Taiwan Missionary Discount, provided there is not a lapse in Morrison employment.

Staff members with children in the LN or ELL program will be responsible for paying these fees at 25% of the standard rate prorated based on FTE. Children of Morrison Academy employees who require services exceeding those offered to other constituents will be charged fees to be arranged with the Director of Finance. Dormitory food fees for dependents boarding in Taichung will be the responsibility of the employee. An annual NT$5,000 travel allowance will be paid to employees who have a dependent boarding in Taichung.

SAC 3/18
Reference - Policy 3300 Philosophy of Compensation
Policy 3400 Expatriate Employee Benefits

779 Expatriate Travel Re-signing Allowance

Expatriate personnel who have completed at least two years of employment at Morrison Academy (for 0.5 FTE or greater) who sign a two-year contract (for 0.5 FTE or greater), resulting in uninterrupted employment, may qualify for a re-signing allowance, intended to be used to connect with family members in their home country. This allowance would be prorated according to FTE of the two years of employment on the new contract. Two consecutive one-year contracts will qualify for this benefit for eligible personnel over age 63. The school will provide the allowance in the first December of the re-signed contract period. Failure to complete the contract will result in a prorated deduction from the remaining compensation due. The allowance will be reported as taxable personal income for the associated calendar year. Employee or dependents qualify for Travel Allowance according to procedure#727 and 780 (maximum three dependent children) during the contract period according to the following chart.

Contract for Academic Years Head of Household Non-Head of Household Employee
EmployeeEach Eligible Dependent
2018-2020(a)US $1,200US $600US $1,200
2019-2021(a)US $1,200US $600US $1,200
2020-2022(b)US $1,200US $600US $1,200
2021-2023(b)US $1,200US $600US $1,200
(a) Benefit applied to airfare purchase only
(b) Benefit given in cash only

Note: effective from the 2020-2022 contract period. Those who re-sign a 2020-2022 contract will be the first to receive the cash amount in December 2020.

SAC 11/19
Reference - Policy 3200 Employee Contracts

780 Travel Allowance

A travel allowance will be provided at the beginning of a two-year travel allowance cycle and again at the end of the cycle. Prorated air travel will be paid for .8 FTE and greater, head-of-household personnel and their dependents (maximum three dependent children and spouse) from their home of record to Taiwan at an economy rate approved in advance by the Director of Finance. Exceptions to the timing and itinerary of this travel may be made by the Director of Finance. Air travel directly to home or university will be paid for dependents immediately following graduation from high school. Dependents who have graduated from high school and returned to their home country will no longer qualify for travel benefits.

If a staff member initiates a one year employment contract, a travel allowance at the end of that one year contract will not be provided. If the school initiates a one year employment contract, the superintendent may authorize the travel allowance at both the beginning and the end of that one year contract. For expatriate personnel over age 63, two consecutive one year contracts will qualify for this benefit.

In the event that an employee resigns or his/her employment is terminated, the travel allowance normally will be prorated based on actual months of service. The Superintendent may make adjustments to the amount prorated when extenuating circumstances exist.

TCM 12/15
Reference - Policy 3200 Employee Contracts
Policy 3400 Allowances
Procedure 779 Expatriate Re-signing Allowance

781 Missionary Partners

Expatriate head-of-household personnel are considered missionaries in the sense that they are led by God to contribute to the overall evangelism of Taiwan by serving at Morrison Academy. It is desirable for employees to understand and feel connected to the broader missionary effort in Taiwan.

Morrison’s Member Care provides resources to facilitate the establishment of these relationships.

  1. Taiwan Missionary Fellowship (TMF) membership annual fee
  2. Member Care reimbursement for activities intended to foster fellowship with a missionary or mission organization including, but is not limited to:
    • Showing hospitality to a missionary (family) by inviting them for meal or excursion
    • Attending an on-island mission-sponsored retreat, conference, camp or meal
    • TMF Conference adult registration(s)


  1. Missionary Partner financial reimbursement requests are sent to the Director of Human Services.
    1. A head-of-household employee may fill out a Missionary Partner reimbursement request form. On the form, specify your general plan for how you are going to build a relationship with a missionary and/or connect to the broader missionary effort in Taiwan.
    2. A mission organization hosting a retreat may request reimbursement for mission retreats or mission meals.
  2. After submitting the Missionary Partner form, please wait to receive approval from the Director of Human Services.
  3. Adult registration for TMF Conferences/retreats are pre-approved. After the conference, submit your receipt for reimbursement.
  4. Collect your receipts and submit them to the Director of Human Services before December 1st and May 1st for reimbursement.

SAC 8/20
References - Policy 3120 Missionary Partner
Procedure 560 Member Care

Leaves and Absences

782 Resignation

For resignations tendered during the school year, a minimum of six months’ notice is required, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Settlement of salary and benefits due an employee who is resigning his/her position will be calculated on a pro-rated basis of the portion of the contract completed. The Superintendent will determine timing and/or a travel allowance with the employee, in accordance with Policy 3230 - Resignation. The Superintendent has the authority to accept or deny resignations. Resignations will be reported to the Board of Trustees by the Superintendent. Resignations will normally result in an explanatory note in the employee’s permanent file stating that the contract was broken at the request of the employee. Such resignation may negatively affect future employment at Morrison and may be reflected on references provided by Morrison.

Any prepaid salary/benefits or outstanding school loans will be deducted from the settlement. In the event that earned salary and benefits are inadequate to reimburse the school, the employee will be expected to cover the deficit.

SAC 1/13
Reference - Policy 3230 Resignation

Dismissal (Policy 3240)
Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent to the Board of Trustees, an employee may be dismissed from employment by the Board. Cause for dismissal may include, but is not limited to, any one or more of the following: incompetence, homosexuality, heterosexual activity outside of marriage, intemperance, abuse of a student, sexual harassment, absence without supervisor approval (abandonment of position), neglect of duty, insubordination, disaffirmation of the Association's “Statement of Faith”, or any conduct tending to bring discredit upon the school or upon the teacher that causes a diminishing of his/her effectiveness as a Christian role model for the students of Morrison Academy.

A decision by the Board to dismiss any faculty or staff member of the Academy shall be preceded by a conference of the Superintendent with the individual and the Field Leader or other appropriate representative of the sponsoring mission. The action for dismissal shall be an action of a regular or special meeting of the Board. The Board shall also be available for a conference with the individual. Dismissal may take effect immediately upon notification during a contract period.

Compensation for the unfinished contract and all salary and benefits will be calculated on a prorated basis of the portion of the contract fulfilled. A travel allowance will be negotiated. Any salary and benefits already paid will be deducted from remaining compensation due. The dismissed person will be asked to reimburse Morrison Academy if salary and benefits already paid exceed the compensation due.

A record of the dismissal and the supporting reasons shall be kept in the employee's permanent personnel file.

Board of Trustees 5/00

783 Work Calendar

Work days for Morrison Academy expatriate employees shall be specified on the annual school calendar and individual job descriptions. The supervisor may ask employees to work additional hours when extenuating circumstances arise. In such cases compensatory pay will be calculated according to the Temporary Worker Wage Scale. Morrison Academy does not provide compensation time for expatriate personnel.

SAC 10/06

784 Personal Leaves

Employees may request personal leaves. Personal leaves are short-term absences taken for personal business. Personal leave is calculated in whole day or half day increments and prorated according to FTE. For example, a 0.5 FTE employee would receive a total of 1.5 days (12 hours total). Up to three paid personal leave days per year may be granted. Personal leave days are not accruable from year to year. When possible, arrangements will be made with the immediate supervisor at least one week in advance of the time leave is desired. Immediate supervisors will be authorized to determine whether or not an employee qualifies for Personal Leave.

Personal Leave must be requested in advance through the online Leave Request Form.

SAC 11/16

785 Reduction in Work Force

A reduction in workforce could affect the entire school system, a campus, or school program. A reduction in workforce may be necessary due to, but not limited to, any of the following situations.

  1. Decline in enrollment
  2. Board decision to discontinue a program
  3. Indefinite school closure, as defined in procedure 455

Ideally any reduction in work force would be handled through attrition or by not renewing an employment contract. In the unlikely event that a reduction in workforce is necessary after an employment contract has been signed, a severance package will be provided to the expatriate employee.

  1. If the school gives the employee at least two months advance notice of the reduction in workforce resulting in the early termination of the contract, then the employee will receive two months’ salary and child allowance. Head-of-household employees will also qualify for travel benefits needed to return the family to their home of record.
  2. If the school gives the employee less than two months advance notice of the reduction in workforce resulting in the early termination of the contract, then the employee will receive three months’ salary and child allowance. Head-of-household employees will also qualify for the normal Travel Allowance.

SAC 2/19
References: Policy 3105 HIRING/REHIRING
Procedure 455 School Closure

789 Home Service Leave

Mission-supported personnel will be granted home service/furlough leave in accordance with the policies of their mission. Missions are requested to arrange home service/furloughs for mission-supported personnel that do not interfere with the academic year.

Morrison Academy, in most cases, will only contract personnel who are available to Morrison Academy for the entire academic year. Morrison Academy will not be responsible to provide for finances and work assignment for teachers not under contract.

TCM 3/13

790 Leaves for Mission Conferences

If a mission schedules a conference during the school year or there are donor relation activities that requires the employee to attend, the employee may temporarily be released from his/her duties providing that a substitute can be found. Requests for an employee to attend a mission conference or donor relation activities should be directed to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will act on the request. The employee's salary and benefit costs will be prorated for the number of days missed and deducted from the salary.

Leaves for Mission Conferences must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

TCM 12/12

791 Marriage Leave

An employee wishing to marry should attempt to schedule the marriage during a vacation period. Up to five school days may be approved for marriage leave. Normally this leave is to be used within a month of the wedding. Application for marriage leave should be made to the Director of Human Services.

Marriage Leave must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

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792 Maternity/Parental Leave

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave will be granted for the delivery and care of newborn infants of employees. Such leave will be arranged with the principal/boarding supervisor.

Up to eight work weeks paid leave will be granted for maternity leave. Maternity leave begins on the due date or when the child is born. Prior to the due date if an expectant mother cannot physically or emotionally continue working, the principal/boarding supervisor may approve the use of accumulated sick leave up until the maternity leave begins on the due date or the child is born. The principal/boarding supervisor may request a doctor’s recommendation.

Up to one week paid leave will be granted for miscarriages occurring during the first two months of pregnancy. Up to four work weeks paid leave will be granted for miscarriages occurring after the second month of pregnancy.

Up to five days (or seven for C-section or exceptional medical needs) paid leave will be granted for a husband for the birth and care of newborn infants. Paternity leave begins when the child is born. The husband is allowed to use Sick/Bereavement Leave if more days are required because the newborn or mother experience medical complications. Normally, boarding parents would only be granted leave for the time the mother is hospitalized.

Maternity and Paternity leave is intended for the care of the newborn and recuperation of the mother. There can be no additional days off when this leave coincides with summer vacations or holidays.

Maternity Leave must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

Baby Feeding Break

Female employees (1.0 FTE) with babies (maternal or adopted) less than one year of age may take two breaks of up to 30 minutes each per day for the purpose of feeding their baby. These breaks and the location to be used for feeding are to be scheduled with the administrator’s approval. This scheduled should fit the feeding needs of the baby and, as much as possible, minimize disruptions to the fulfilling of the employee's job.

Parental Leave

Female employees who have worked for the school more than one year may request to be released from the remainder of their contract in order to care for their baby (maternal or adopted). This leave is available for mothers whose babies have not yet turned three years old. Choosing this leave will not void Maternity Leave benefits. Request for extended leave must be made via email to the Superintendent at least 6 months prior to the requested start of the leave.

Parental Leave must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

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795 Adoption Leave

Adoption leave, with pay, may be allowed up to a maximum of 10 working days for mothers who are adopting a preschool aged child. The leave may be prior to or following the adoption and arranged with the employee’s administrator. A male employee will be allowed to use up to five approved sick leave days to be with or to assist his wife.

Normally, boarding parents would only be granted leave for times they need to be away for an extended period of time in order to legally process the adoption. In such cases, leave will be for up to the number of days specified above.

Adoption Leave must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

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796 Sick/Bereavement Leave

Sick leave is a paid absence from work taken when employees are ill or when they are required to take care of an on-island family member (dependent, spouse, parent, and sibling) due to an illness or hospitalization. Sick leave is recorded in half or full day. Normally, for boarding parents to be granted sick leave to care for family members, the family member must be hospitalized. The employee may be required to provide a written medical report from a school designated physician.

Ten days of accumulative sick leave per year of service, to a maximum of 60 days, will be granted. Sick leave may be denied if abused. Employees, terminating service with Morrison Academy, will not receive payment for unused sick leave.

In the event of the death or the impending death of an employee's parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, sibling, child, or spouse, he/she is entitled to take up to five work days of sick leave. In the event that the employee is required to leave Taiwan for said reason, he/she will be entitled to up to ten work days of sick leave.

Administrators are responsible for keeping an accurate accounting of employee absences throughout the current school year and reporting them to the Director of Human Services. Employees may check on the number of sick days they have accumulated by asking the Director of Human Services.

Bereavement Leave must be requested through the online Leave Request Form.

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797 Leave Of Absence

When an employee has exhausted his/her available leave time and additional leave is desired, the employee or Morrison Academy may request that the employee be placed on “Leave of Absence” status. Normally, such placement involves consultation between the employee and the Superintendent before the administrative granting or rejecting of the request. If the school is closed due to an emergency or calamity, Morrison Academy may choose to place employees on “Leave of Absence” status.

The length of the “Leave of Absence” is to be identified in the request, and may be short-term or cover the balance of the employee's current contract. A Leave of Absence is calculated in whole day increments.

During a “Leave of Absence” requested by the employee, all salary and benefits received from Morrison Academy are suspended, with the exception of medical benefits, school fee benefits, and housing benefits. Medical benefits, school fee benefits and housing benefits are usually extended for up to two months (from the first day leave of absence) or to the end of the contract term, whichever comes first.

In the case of a school-initiated leave of absence resulting from a school closing, all salary and benefits will be paid for up to three months or the end of the contract term, whichever comes first. Off-island travel and relocation allowance (if appropriate) will be paid.

Teaching staff are contracted for 188 days annually. Therefore the calculation for leave of absence is: [(Annual Base Salary + Morrison’s Retirement Contribution if enrolled) / (188)] * [Number of days of Leave] = Salary deducted from pay.

SAC administrators are contracted for 198 days annually. Dorm parents are contracted for 205 days annually.

Leave of Absence must be requested in advance through the online Leave Request Form.

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798 Extended Leave

After two current years of employment at Morrison expatriate personnel may apply for an extended leave of absence for one or two school years, without salary or benefits. A contracted commitment to return for at least two years of employment is required for the school to hold a position for the applicant. The school cannot assure that a person will return to the same assignment or same campus. Request for extended leave for the following school year must be made via email to the Superintendent by December 1.

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799 Travel Quarantine

Employees should complete any travel quarantine required in Taiwan prior to Morrison work days. If an employee plans to be in quarantine during any Morrison work days, the employee should request personal leave and/or leave of absence. Requests should be submitted prior to finalizing travel plans so the school can arrange for substitutes.

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