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Boarding Section 6000

Operational Statements 6100 - 6199


Morrison Academy operates a Boarding Division consistent with its primary purpose of providing educational options for the children of missionaries throughout Taiwan. Children of non-missionaries may be admitted under guidelines established by the Board of Trustees. The Boarding Division operates within the framework of the policies and procedures of Morrison Academy.

The Boarding Division recognizes the need for continuing parental responsibility and involvement in the care and training of students who reside in the dormitory. The values, teachings and beliefs of the parents are supported, in so far as they do not conflict with Morrison Academy's policies and procedures.

The Boarding Division strives to create a safe, comfortable, homelike, Christian environment by providing positive loving care, such as would be found in a Christ-centered home. The Boarding Division personnel exercise flexibility and understanding in the individual care of each boarding student’s physical and emotional well-being within the context of the group living environment. Open communication, mutual respect, and trustworthiness are fundamental to the effective operation of the Boarding Division.



The Boarding Division seeks to provide a comfortable, homelike and safe residence while providing care and training for each student in the following areas.

  1. Spiritual: Provide an environment conducive to personal Christian growth and to assist the student in integrating Christian faith into all areas of life.
  2. Physical: Provide nutritious meals and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Emotional: Assist the student in growth of self-esteem, personal responsibility and self-discipline.
  4. Social: Promote growth in personal relationships, respect for authority, and sensitivity to the rights of others.
  5. Educational: Promote good study habits and provide an environment conducive to study.
  6. Cultural: Promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for the national culture as well as other nationalities and cultures represented in the school and dorms.



Due to the limited amount of dormitory space, Morrison Academy cannot guarantee housing for all applicants.

Home Boarding agreements are solely made between the student’s family and the Morrison employee providing home boarding. Morrison Academy will not offer placement, billing, supervision, or any other services related to home boarding in the homes of community members.



In order to assist missionaries, Morrison Academy may maintain a Boarding Division budget deficit. This deficit shall not exceed 40% of the Boarding Division's budget, including a prorated proportion of Taichung campus and system expenses.


Residence Requirements 6200 - 6299


Each application for admission to the dormitories will be considered on an individual basis. The Director of Boarding Services will make decisions regarding a prospective student's admission to the dormitory. In cases where the references of the applicant indicate that an applicant is unlikely to comply with the Boarding Division Standards of Conduct in Policy #6440 or may not make a positive contribution to the dormitory then the applicant will be denied admission. Students are accepted into the dormitories based on the following:

  1. Potential for making a positive contribution to a Christian dorm environment;
  2. Confirmed admittance to Morrison Academy;
  3. Completion of the necessary forms and procedures;
  4. Space availability;
  5. Previous attendance at Morrison Academy for at least one year. Exceptions may be made for missionaries and off island students from Christian families.

When students are being considered for admittance into the dormitory after the beginning of the school year, the Boarding Division personnel will be consulted.

Children of non-missionaries who either reside outside of Taiwan or who are often not on-island are normally ineligible for dorm residency. The Superintendent may authorize up to two exceptions per year to this policy for the admission to the dorm of students whose parents live off-island and verifiably align with Morrison’s Core Values and Statement of Faith.

Students who have lived in the dormitory normally retain residency; and may not be involuntarily replaced by new applicants.



Morrison Academy will provide dormitory facilities in which at least 65% of the students are missionary children and Christian workers, as defined in Policy # 1613 MISSIONARY and Policy # 1614 CHRISTIAN WORKER.

The Superintendent will have authority to make exceptions to 55%.

During any school year in which the number of missionary and Christian worker’s children in the Boarding Division falls below 60%, the Superintendent must present a report to the Board of Trustees by the second Board meeting of the fiscal year. This report should provide evidence that Boarding Division contributes to the fulfillment of the position statements of Morrison Academy. The report will include the following:

  1. Evidence to show that the Christ-centered Core Values are not adversely affected as reflected in School Wide Appraisal data.
  2. Strategic rationale for maintaining the current ratio in order to continue providing a viable boarding choice for missionary families.
  3. Longitudinal data of violations of the Code of Conduct in Policy 6440 and dormitory student Discipline, as defined in Policy 6450.
  4. Effect on the overall system.



The following priorities are employed in deciding which applications will be accepted:

  1. Taiwan missionary (as defined by Policy # 1613 MISSIONARY)
  2. Christian Worker (as defined by Policy # 1614 CHRISTIAN WORKER)
  3. On-island non-missionary
  4. Off-island non-missionary

Consideration will also be given to the number of years the student has attended a Morrison school, and to whether or not other high school options are available to the student.



All dorm students must be enrolled at the Morrison Academy Taichung campus. The dorm is normally for students from grades nine through twelve. Seventh and eighth grade students who are transferring from a Morrison satellite school will also be considered for admission. Other applications from parents of seventh or eighth grade missionary and christian worker children may be considered on an individual basis.


Relationships 6300 - 6399


Parents of boarding students must sign a document stating that the boarding home parents or supervisor have the right to make crucial parental decisions when neither parent can be contacted in a timely manner.

Parents of boarding students from off-island must designate an adult who is living in Taiwan who agrees to be responsible for the student when the dorm is closed and the student remains in Taiwan.



There is a clear separation between Morrison Academy's boarding and academic programs. The Boarding Division and High School / EMS are autonomous divisions of Morrison Academy. The relationship of boarding students and dorm parents to the school staff members shall be the same as that for day-students and their families.

Dorms are considered private residences for dorm students and Boarding Division personnel. Individuals from the school and community are expected to respect the privacy of the dorm families.


Scope of Responsibility/Authority 6400 - 6499


The responsibility and authority of the Boarding Division for dorm students begins when students arrive at the Morrison Academy Taichung Campus after being under the care of their parent(s) or guardians. This jurisdiction remains in effect until they leave campus to return to the care of their parent(s) or guardians. Dorm students are responsible to abide by Policy #6440 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT whenever they are in Taichung without their parents, even if they are staying overnight at a friend’s house with their parents’ permission.



The Boarding Division reserves the right to set safety standards for boarding students under its authority to ensure that reasonable precautions will be taken to protect and prevent boarding students from being injured while residing in the dormitory.

Morrison Academy assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property kept in the dormitory.



Morrison Academy is committed to the Word of God and its authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and living. The school promotes Biblical standards of Christian conduct, including a loving and respectful attitude toward God and others, honesty, respect for others' property, church attendance, and high moral standards.

The Boarding Division requires all boarding students to abide by the standards of conduct stated within Policy # 5400 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT while they are under its jurisdiction. (See Policy # 6400 DORM JURISDICTION). Involvement in any activities prohibited by this policy may result in dorm discipline. Involvement in any of these activities while not under dorm jurisdiction may result in dorm probation. (See Policy #6450 DISCIPLINE)

Sending or forwarding messages, photos, or images that violate this code of conduct via cell phone, computer, or other digital devices is also prohibited.



The purpose of any disciplinary action should be to encourage boarding students to be responsible for their actions and to help them integrate Christian principles into their lives.

Boarding Division personnel reserve the right to discipline any boarding student who violates the rules and standards of the Boarding Division. Discipline should be administered, applying the following guidelines:

  1. Consequences should be fair and equitable, maintain the dignity of the student, and administered in and tempered by love.
  2. Consequences should be appropriate and timely.
  3. Consequences should maintain confidentiality.

Possible disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to, restrictions, probation, suspension, and revocation of dormitory residency. The use of corporal punishment is prohibited.

It will be the responsibility of the Director of Boarding Services to ensure that proper documentation and due process is adhered to in the administration of any of the following disciplinary actions.

A boarding student may be restricted to the campus, dormitory or the student's dorm room for disciplinary purposes. If the restriction is longer than two days, the Director of Boarding Services will be consulted ahead of time. When these restrictions are imposed, the dormitory parents will confer with the parents regarding the reasons for the discipline.

A boarding student may be placed on probation, for disciplinary purposes by the Director of Boarding Services, in consultation with the Superintendent. When a student is placed on probation, the Director of Boarding Services will confer with the parents regarding the reasons for the discipline and possible consequences for violations of the terms of probation.

Suspension from the dormitory may occur for violations of dormitory rules that are deemed by the administration to be a serious detriment to the student, the staff, or the dormitory. Students, whose presence pose a danger to persons, property, or are an on-going threat or disruption to the Christian home environment, may be immediately removed from the dormitory.

The length and terms of a suspension will depend on the situation and the discretion of the Director of Boarding Services in consultation with the Superintendent.

At the time of suspension, the Director of Boarding Services and dormitory parents will confer with the parents regarding the reasons for suspension, with conditions of re-admission established in writing.

Revocation of Dormitory Residency
Students whose presence pose a danger to persons, property, or are an on-going threat or disruption to the Christian home environment, may have their dormitory residency revoked. The Superintendent, after referral from the Director of Boarding Services, may revoke a student's dormitory residency. The Superintendent will notify the parents regarding this action.

The Superintendent will make a report to the Chair of the Board of Trustees regarding any student who has had his/her dormitory residency revoked. Parents may make an appeal to the Chair of the Board of Trustees in writing within two weeks after official notification of the revocation.



The administration will have a screening process to insure the selection of appropriate Boarding Division parents and assistants to provide quality, Christian supervision for students living in the dormitories. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), a face-to-face interview, reference checks, and criminal background check (whenever possible) will be used as screening tools for all dormitory parents.



Written, verbal, and electronic information of a sensitive nature concerning a student residing in the dorms is to be held in strict confidence by Boarding Division personnel. The Director of Boarding Services is responsible for defining confidentiality practices. This obligation of professional confidentiality must be carefully fulfilled not only regarding the information in a student’s files but also regarding a student’s behavior and attitude learned in the exercise of professional duties. Under no circumstances should sensitive or potentially damaging information be discussed with anyone other than the Director of Boarding Services unless authorization is obtained from either the parent or the Director of Boarding Services.


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