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Personnel Section 3000

Philosophy of Personnel 3000 - 3099


The Superintendent working on behalf of the Board of Trustees, will recruit and contract academically and professionally qualified personnel who will carry out their work with competence, in harmony with the purpose of Morrison Academy.

In selecting professional personnel, individuals will be hired who will endeavor to integrate Biblical values into their work, and who consider their work at Morrison Academy a ministry. These individuals should be positive Christian role models as they seek to help students learn to know God, the world around them, and to develop lifelong skills for living as Christians in a complex world. They should be accepting of students from varying ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds.



Morrison Academy’s Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality and humanity's relationship with God and one another, is the sole and final source of all that we believe. For the purpose of Morrison Academy’s faith, doctrine, practice, policy and discipline, the Morrison Academy Board of Trustees is Morrison Academy’s final interpretative authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.

Morrison Academy is committed to the Bible and its authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and living. Morrison Academy employees are expected to conduct themselves in a way that will reflect the biblical perspective of integrity and morality, personally and professionally at all times. Employees are expected to adhere to the laws of Taiwan.

Furthermore, in order to preserve the function and integrity of Morrison Academy and provide a biblical role model to students and the community, it is imperative that all persons employed by Morrison Academy in any capacity agree to and abide by this statement of Christian Behavior and Professional Ethics.

An employee is expected to demonstrate:

  • compassionate love for others
  • an ability to develop trusting, transparent, professional relationships with students
  • a commitment to evangelism, discipleship, and Christian service
  • respect for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, denomination or religion
  • a teachable spirit
  • a willingness to live contentedly under authority, including submission to policies and procedures
  • commitment to hospitality and gratitude
  • telling the truth in order to encourage others
  • honesty and integrity
  • fairness and justice
  • unity of the Faith (See Policy #3030), including the practice of Spiritual Gifts (See Policy #3114) and peacemaking (See Policy #3542)
  • active, regular participation in a local Christian church community/fellowship
  • sensitivity and discretion in regard to potentially offensive public behavior, such as:
    • use of tobacco,
    • use of alcoholic beverages,
    • offensive language,
    • immodest attire,
    • media choices,
    • political or theological views
  • accountability to God through:
    • commitment to openness in healthy spiritual relationships
    • mutual encouragement
    • mutual confession of sin
    • intentionally “sharpening” each other (Proverbs 27:17)
    • bearing one another’s burdens

The following activities are prohibited:

  • profanity
  • possession or use of pornographic materials
  • promotion or involvement in the occult
  • propagation of beliefs that conflict with the Morrison statement of faith
  • promotion or use of excessive violence
  • possession, use, or promotion of unauthorized controlled substances or illegal drugs
  • drunkenness
  • abusive behavior
  • hypocrisy, duplicity or deception
  • harassment (See Policy #1650)
  • child abuse (See Policy #1651)
  • promotion or involvement in unbiblical sexual conduct, as defined below.

Based upon the teaching of the Bible that marriage between husband and wife is a sacred institution, and sexual conduct is to be within the context of marriage alone, Morrison Academy believes that the term “marriage” has only one meaning: the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union. (Gen 2:18-25) We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between a man and a woman who are married to each other. (Mt 19:4-6) We believe that God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of a marriage between a man and a woman. We believe abstinence from other sexual conduct to be required by the Bible. Employees are expected not only to abstain from premarital, extra-marital, bisexual, bestial, incestuous and homosexual forms of sexual conduct, but also from provocative sexual behavior that falls short of biblical purity. The school holds to a standard that marriage is a covenant and that divorce should not be condoned. In the case of an employee who divorces or separates while employed by Morrison Academy, continuing employment will be considered on the basis of the circumstances of the divorce or separation.

Based upon the teaching of the Bible, Morrison Academy believes that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male and female. These two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God. (Gen 1:26-27) Acceptance of one’s biological sex is an affirmation of the image of God within that person; therefore employees will live in accordance with the gender that God has assigned to them.

Based upon the teaching of the Bible, Morrison Academy believes that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect and dignity. (Mark 12:28-31) Hateful and harassing behavior or attitudes directed towards any individual are to be repudiated and are not in accord with the Bible nor Morrison Academy’s Statement of Faith.

When a violation of this policy is suspected, the Superintendent, at his discretion, may place the employee on a leave of absence. If an investigation confirms that a violation has taken place, the Superintendent may discipline the employee by placing a letter of reprimand in the employee's file, or other action deemed appropriate. In cases of a confirmed violation of a serious nature, the Superintendent, in consultation with the Board of Trustees and the employee's supporting mission (if applicable), may require counseling, probation, or the termination of employment.



Staff are expected to fully support the Statement of Faith. When identifying positions beyond the context of this statement, it should be done in such a manner that students are aware that there is diversity in some areas of biblical interpretation; students should also be made aware of what is a personal belief. Personal convictions of staff and students are to be respected. Emphasis is to be placed on our unity in the Faith.



Morrison Academy places a high value and commitment on providing member care for employees and their dependents as embodied in Paul’s statement in I Corinthians 16, “…they refreshed my spirit as well as yours.” To this end, we actively promote a Christ-centered caring community.

Member Care is supporting individuals and teams to look to our Father and respond to His care. Creating and maintaining a healthy community through spiritual vitality, healthy relationships, personal development and Christ-like service is the responsibility and privilege of each member of the Morrison Academy staff. Morrison offers support to contribute to the well-being of staff individuals and families. This support includes (but is not limited to) services designed to support new employees, and with appropriate confidentiality, support for counseling and exceptional medical costs.


Employment Qualifications 3100 - 3199


The Superintendent and his/her recruitment staff will recruit all personnel of Morrison Academy. Such recruitment shall include cooperation with Member Missions and other like-minded missions who partner with direct-hire personnel.



The Superintendent, working within the guidelines of policy section EMPLOYMENT QUALIFICATIONS 3100-3199, will make all hiring and rehiring decisions of personnel. When possible, this decision will be made after consideration of the supervisor's recommendation. Background checks or police reports must be obtained for all employees before they begin service. Initial hiring of personnel to fill SAC level positions will be made by the Board of Trustees and will be based on the Superintendent's recommendation.

Hiring and rehiring of the Superintendent is exclusively the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.



The following conditions are required for the hiring and contract renewal of expatriate personnel for Morrison Academy:

  1. Personal testimony of salvation and evidence of ongoing spiritual growth
  2. Agreement with the Morrison Academy position statements
  3. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality (MMPI) or other personality inventory or test indicating good emotional health, if requested by the Superintendent for the employee and/or spouse
  4. Adherence to government requirements for employment at Morrison Academy
  5. Positive performance evaluations or professional and pastoral references
  6. Commitment to abide by the policies and procedures of Morrison Academy
  7. Mental and physical health of all family members who reside with the employee shall not adversely affect their ministry at Morrison or the Morrison community
  8. Appropriate certification from their home country when applicable. In the event that an acceptable, certified candidate is not available, then an uncertified candidate may be employed for a contracted period of one year at a time, providing the candidate is working toward certification.

Other Considerations
The following will be considered in the hiring and contract renewal of expatriate personnel for Morrison Academy:

  1. Previous appropriate experience
  2. An indication of Gods leading and direction to teach at Morrison Academy
  3. Indication of an ability to work in a multi-mission setting
  4. Active, regular participation in an organized Protestant church/fellowship for the purpose of spiritual growth
  5. Good physical and emotional health
  6. Previous biblical integration experience or eagerness to develop these skills
  7. Demonstrated ability to participate on collaborative teams and to promote peace



When divorce or separation occurs in a current employee's life or has occurred in an applicant's life, each case will be judged on its own merit. Pastoral references and the results of the MMPI may be consulted.



The Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts to each believer according to His will for the benefit of the church (I Corinthians 12: 7, 11). Due to the diversity of denominational backgrounds at Morrison Academy, staff must be sensitive in the practice of these gifts. (Refer to Policy # 3030 Unity of Faith.) Spiritual gifts are to be practiced in accordance with the guidelines set forth in I Corinthians 12-14. As such, in school or at school functions, no gift should be inappropriately emphasized above the other gifts nor promoted as normative for all believers.



In order for staff to be more connected to the wider missionary effort and better understand Morrison’s primary purpose for being in Taiwan, all employees shall be encouraged to develop relationships with missionary partners. The intent of this partnership is that both the employee and the missionary partner will seek opportunities for mutual encouragement, fellowship, and possible involvement with the missionary effort beyond Morrison. The school provides resources to facilitate the establishment of this relationship.



Morrison Academy views infection with the AIDS/HIV (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome/human immunodeficiency virus) as a deep personal tragedy deserving of community support, understanding, and confidentiality. It also believes that the contagion factor of AIDS/HIV is often greatly exaggerated, but is nevertheless a matter which requires care and discretion. Therefore, the school must be informed of any staff person tested HIV positive, and will maintain procedures which are appropriate for the general welfare of all students and staff and of the infected staff person. Morrison Academy will abide by the laws of the Republic of China regarding health requirements for foreigners.

The school may require an AIDS/HIV test of any staff person at any time he or she has been ill with symptoms which may indicate infections with AIDS/HIV or when it is suspected that he or she has been exposed to AIDS/HIV infection.



Harassment is defined in Policy # 1650 HARASSMENT.

Morrison Academy is committed to maintaining a work environment in which all individuals treat each other with dignity and respect and which is free from all forms of intimidation, exploitation and harassment, including sexual harassment. The Academy is prepared to take action to prevent and correct any violations of this policy. Anyone who violates this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal.

Reporting Harassment
Employees who feel that they have been subjected to conduct of a harassing nature are encouraged to promptly report the matter to one of the school officials designated below. Employees/volunteers who are aware of conduct of a harassing nature are required to report the matter to one of the school officials designated below. All complaints will be promptly investigated.

The following individuals are specifically authorized to receive complaints and to respond to questions regarding harassment:

  • General Manager
  • Principals
  • Director of Boarding Services
  • Superintendent
  • Board Chair


  1. As part of the application process for employment, applicants will read and will testify that they have read this policy. Furthermore, they will grant Morrison Academy permission to obtain a police report with respect to any registered misbehavior as it relates to harassment.
  2. Staff orientation and training on preventing, recognizing, and confronting harassment will be required for all staff on a yearly basis.

Every effort will be made to protect the privacy of all the parties involved in any complaint. However, the Academy will fully investigate every complaint, and reserves the right to notify the appropriate supporting or partnering mission and government officials as the circumstances warrant.

Protection Against Retaliation
It is against the Academy's policy to discriminate or retaliate against any person who has filed a complaint concerning harassment or has testified, assisted or participated in any manner in any harassment investigation, proceeding or hearing.

Investigation and Corrective Action
When one of the Academy officials designated in this policy receives a complaint, he/she shall immediately inform the Superintendent or Board Chair. The Superintendent will assign a qualified school employee to oversee an investigation, unless the complaint is against him/her. In the event that the complaint is against the Superintendent, the Board Chair will direct the investigation. The Superintendent will inform the Board Chair of all reports and the ensuing investigation. The nature of the complaint may necessitate that the employee be put on a paid leave of absence.

Employees, adult volunteers and students are expected to fully cooperate in any complaint or investigation that might involve harassment. Anyone who conceals information or knowingly provides false or misleading information will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or discontinuation of enrollment.

If the investigation confirms the allegations, prompt corrective action shall be taken. The individual who suffered the harassing conduct as well as the Board of Trustees shall be informed of the corrective action taken. In addition, any employee found to be responsible for harassment in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The severity of the disciplinary action will be based upon the circumstances of the infraction.

If the investigation confirms that the alleged harassment did not occur, the following actions shall be taken: The person directing the investigation will make a report to the Superintendent stating what steps were taken and that the person was discovered to be innocent. All individuals who were made privy to the allegation shall be contacted and told that the individual is innocent.

Accusations with intent to defame will result in disciplinary action appropriate to the situation.

The Superintendent will appoint one or more trusted and reliable adult confidants to receive complaints from individuals who believe that their harassment report was not addressed. Confidants shall not have formal responsibilities at Morrison Academy. Confidants will report complaints to the Superintendent, who shall investigate the complaints.



The employment of a citizen of the Republic of China will be covered in the National Employee Personnel Handbook.



The administration shall maintain and publish standards of conduct and screening guidelines for volunteers.

Background checks or police reports must be obtained for all volunteers before they begin service.



Any reduction in workforce should be handled, when possible, through attrition or by the non-renewal of an employment contract. If a reduction in workforce is necessary after an employment contract has been signed, the school will provide a severance package which will not exceed 3 month’s salary and benefits.


Contractual Considerations 3200 - 3299


The Superintendent, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, will issue contracts to new and returning employees. The contract shall include the name of the employee, position to be filled, length of contract, other obligations to be fulfilled by the employee as well as by Morrison Academy. The contract shall be binding upon both parties according to its specified terms, unless mutually agreed upon otherwise.

Employees are expected to retire by the end of the school year in which they turn 66. The Superintendent may make exceptions to offer annual contracts beyond the age of 66.

Reference - Policy #3300 Philosophy of Compensation


Expatriate employees may be placed on probationary status by the Superintendent for failure to meet the standards of professional practice established by the Academy and/or the failure to follow the established policies and procedures of the Academy. Probationary status may continue for up to a maximum of two school years before an employee is dismissed.

Employees placed on probationary status will be notified in writing and a copy will be placed in their permanent personnel file.

Probationary status employees will be contracted for only one year at a time.

Any probationary status employee may be dismissed at any time if the Board of Trustees determines it is in the best interest of the Academy. A probationary status employee being considered for dismissal will be notified in writing. Any probationary status employee who is being considered for dismissal prior to the end of the contracted period may request a hearing before the Board of Trustees within two weeks after written notification. The Board of Trustees' decision to dismiss a probationary status employee before the end of the contracted period is final and may not be appealed.



Resignation is a termination of the contract at the initiation of the employee. The employee must submit a letter of resignation to the Superintendent at least six months prior to the effective date of the resignation, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Resignations may be accepted by the Superintendent. The Superintendent is authorized to accept resignations without a twenty working day notice if the employee has established that reasonable extenuating circumstances exist. Resignations will be reported to the Board of Trustees.

Compensation for the unfinished contract and all benefits and allowances will be calculated on a prorated basis of the portion of the contract fulfilled. Any unearned salary and benefits already paid will be deducted from remaining compensation due. If the compensation due is insufficient to cover overpayment, the person will be asked to reimburse Morrison Academy for the excess amount.



Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent to the Board of Trustees, an employee may be dismissed from employment by the Board. Cause for dismissal may include, but is not limited to, any one or more of the following: violation of Policy #3020 Christian Behavior and Professional Ethics, absence without supervisor approval (abandonment of position), neglect of duty, insubordination, disaffirmation of the Association's “Statement of Faith”, or any conduct tending to bring discredit upon the school or upon the teacher that causes a diminishing of his/her effectiveness as a Christian role model for the students of Morrison Academy.

A decision by the Board to dismiss any faculty or staff member of the Academy shall be preceded by a conference of the Superintendent with the individual and, when appropriate, a representative of the sponsoring mission. The action for dismissal shall be an action of a regular or special meeting of the Board. The Board shall also be available for a conference with the individual. Dismissal may take effect immediately upon notification during a contract period.

Compensation for the unfinished contract and all salary and benefits will be calculated on a prorated basis of the portion of the contract fulfilled. Any salary and benefits already paid will be deducted from remaining compensation due. The dismissed person will be asked to reimburse Morrison Academy if salary and benefits already paid exceed the compensation due.

A record of the dismissal and the supporting reasons shall be kept in the employee's permanent personnel file.


Compensation 3300 - 3499


Some Morrison expatriate employees are part of the missionary community, as defined in MISSIONARY POLICY #1613, so their employment benefits will be comparable to others in the missionary community. These benefits are divided into two categories: head-of-household and non-head-of-household.

Morrison expatriate employees who are not part of the missionary community, as defined in MISSIONARY POLICY #1613, will only qualify for Expatriate Employee Benefits Policy #3400.

National staff will be compensated according to local compensation practices.



Benefits are compensation provided to Morrison Academy direct-hire employees and to the missions of Morrison Academy mission-supported employees.

For employees whose FTE is 0.5 and greater, tuition and school fees will be discounted, prorated according to their actual FTE. These discounts will be applied to registration, building fee, tuition, and dorm program. The percentage discount for Learning Needs and English Language Learner fees are established in the budget. Employees who meet the definition of MISSIONARY in POLICY #1613 will also qualify for the TAIWAN MISSIONARY DISCOUNT in POLICY# 4281.



Employee benefits for contracted national citizens are established in the Procedure Manual. National employees contracted for 0.5 FTE or greater whose dependent children are enrolled at Morrison Academy will qualify for a discount equivalent to the Christian worker discount. This discount will be prorated according to the employee’s actual FTE. (See Policy #4282 CHRISTIAN WORKER DISCOUNT.)


Professional Staff 3500 - 3599


In the event that any member of the Morrison Academy staff or family of staff should be abducted, and a ransom be demanded of the school, it is the policy of Morrison Academy not to accede to such demands.



The administration will follow established peacemaker procedures based on Biblical and Peace Pursuit principles of peacemaking with the purpose of reconciliation, ensuring that proper due process and documentation standards are observed.



Appropriate recognition shall be given to employees as follows:

Employees will be awarded an engraved pen and NT$5000 after each five years of contracted service.

Employees completing their contract and leaving the system will be given the following service awards.

  1. Less than five years of contracted service will be recognized with a Morrison Academy paperweight.
  2. Five or more years of contracted service will be recognized with a plaque indicating the total number of years of service not prorated for FTE and including years recognized on any previous service plaques.

3/21 (effective July 1, 2021)


Morrison Academy prohibits retaliation against an employee or student (referred to here as a “Whistleblower”) who reports a violation of Morrison policy or procedure, or illegal, fraudulent, or dishonest conduct.

All members of the school community are responsible for reporting such activities or conduct to any administrator on the System Administrative Council. If that administrator fails to act on such a report, a Whistleblower may report the matter to the Superintendent or the Chair of the Board.

The school will exercise reasonable care to keep the Whistleblower's identity and the report confidential, unless:

  • the Whistleblower agrees to the disclosure;
  • disclosure is necessary to allow school or law enforcement officials to investigate or respond effectively to the report;
  • disclosure is required by law; or
  • the person(s) accused of violations by the Whistleblower are entitled to the information as a matter of institutional due process in disciplinary proceedings.

Whistleblowers who believe that they have been retaliated against may file a written complaint with the Superintendent or the Chair of the Board. If retaliation is proven, the retaliating employee(s) are subject to appropriate disciplinary actions, which may include dismissal. The prohibition against retaliation is not intended to prohibit administrators or supervisors from exercising legitimate supervisory responsibilities in the usual scope of their duties.

Reference - Policy #3542 Peacemaker - Personnel
Policy #5470 Peacemaker - Student/Parent


Students, parents, or employees who have attempted the peacemaker process may appeal the decision of the Superintendent to the Board Chair. The Chair will determine whether or not to put this on the Board agenda based on the following criteria.

  • It appears the Superintendent may have violated a Board policy, including inadequate “supervision of all employees” in accordance with Superintendent Duties Policy.
  • It appears the Superintendent may have done something unethical or illegal.
  • It appears Morrison’s Peacemaker process has been attempted.

The Board Chair may appoint a task force to investigate the charges against the Superintendent. The task force is normally composed of at least 3 people, including the Board Chair. The Superintendent will be consulted throughout this investigation. The task force may appoint someone who has expertise in the issue being investigated. Normally, the task force concludes the investigation before the next meeting of the Board.

The task force's Statement of Findings is referred to the Board. If the Board determines that the Superintendent violated policy, including inadequate “supervision of all employees,” then the Board could decide on an appropriate disciplinary action, including, but not limited to:

  • Warning in the superintendent’s year end evaluation
  • Mandatory professional coaching or counseling
  • Letter of reprimand
  • Non-renewal of contract
  • Dismissal

Ultimately, if the conclusion is that there is insufficient evidence of professional misconduct, then the Board Chair will inform all adults who were made privy to the allegation that the appeal process has been resolved.

This appeal process is for internal inquiries only and is not intended to replace or conflict with investigations conducted by the government.

Policy #3542 PEACEMAKER
Procedure #502 Peacemaker
Procedure #662 Peacemaker

Superintendent 3600 - 3699


The following qualifications will be considered in the selection and hiring of the Superintendent:

  1. Demonstrated evidence of spiritual leadership and maturity.
  2. Appropriate team building and interpersonal relationship skills.
  3. Academic requirements including a Masters Degree and fulfillment of the requirements for administrative employment in his/her country/state of residence.
  4. Previous teaching and administrative experience.
  5. Proven educational leadership ability.
  6. Ability to provide leadership in developing and implementing strategic plans.
  7. Skills in recruiting and selecting professional employees.
  8. Skills necessary to maintain the financial stability of Morrison Academy.
  9. Preferably possess conversational level of Mandarin Chinese.
  10. Other qualifications necessary for employment as a teacher at Morrison Academy (See Policy #3100 - #3199 ).



The Board of Trustees shall appoint a search committee to locate prospective appointees for Superintendent for recommendation to the Board.



Acting as the Executive Director for the Board of Trustees of Morrison Academy, the Superintendent shall be responsible for the efficient management of the total operations of Morrison Academy, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of China and Board-approved policies.

Duties shall include:

  1. Seeking by personal example and precept to inspire students to Christian faith and living.
  2. Staying abreast of research regarding curriculum development and staff development.
  3. Serving as the primary advisor to the Board of Trustees and to work with the Board Chair to set the agenda for all Trustee meetings.
  4. Serving as a member of all Board-level committees designated in policy, a member of the System Administrative Council, and on any other committees/task forces assigned by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Ensuring that procedures are established and adhered to which are aligned with the policies established by the Board of Trustees.
  6. Ensuring that the School Improvement Plan supports the Board's strategic plan.
  7. Being responsible for the recruitment of all personnel.
  8. Monitoring the supervision of all employees.
  9. Monitoring System programs, instruction, accreditation, and committees.
  10. Communicating frequently and appropriately with the major constituents of the school, i.e. parents, students, staff, Trustees and Missions, regarding the operations of the school.
  11. Promoting and adhering to the core values, vision and purpose of Morrison Academy.



The Superintendent shall normally be employed under contract for a period of four years, to coincide with the beginning and end of the school fiscal year. Each contract year shall include one month of personal vacation. Before the final year of the contract, the Board of Trustees shall determine whether an invitation for continued employment will be issued. The Superintendent shall have four weeks to respond to an invitation. The Superintendent shall receive compensation at a rate of 1.50 times base salary.



The Board of Trustees shall have the authority to dismiss the Superintendent during a contracted period. Reasons for dismissal include:

  1. Inability or unwillingness to carry out professional duties, as evidenced by documentation and multiple evaluations performed by the Board of Trustees;
  2. Immoral or unethical behavior when supported by documented evidence of a violation (see Policy # 3020 Christian Behavior and Professional Ethics).

A decision by the Board to dismiss the Superintendent shall be preceded by a conference with the Board Chair, the Superintendent, and the Field Leader, or other appropriate representative of the supporting or partnering Mission. The action for dismissal shall be an action of a regular or special meeting of the Board with at least three fourths of the Trustees present and three fourths of those present voting affirmatively. The Board shall also be available for a conference with the individual.

Compensation for the unfinished contract and all benefits and allowances will be calculated on a prorated basis of the portion of the contract fulfilled. A travel allowance will be negotiated with the Board of Trustees. Any benefits and allowances already paid will be deducted from remaining compensation due. If the compensation due is insufficient to cover overpayment, the Superintendent will be asked to reimburse Morrison Academy for the excess amount.

The Board Chair is to ensure that proper due process and documentation standards are followed.



The Governance Committee will collaborate with the Superintendent to set annual goals. The Governance Committee will provide an annual written evaluation of the Superintendent, including but not limited to the Superintendent’s work priorities and professional growth. The Superintendent will also be evaluated during the final semester of service as the Superintendent. The evaluation of job performance will be based on the Superintendent’s accomplishment of annual goals and the standards stated in Policy #3611 QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE SUPERINTENDENT.



Should the Superintendent be unable to complete his/her administrative job duties, the Executive Committee, in consultation with SAC, will appoint an interim superintendent to be confirmed by the full board within 90 days.


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