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Taiwan Juridical Person


(Preferred English Wording)

  1. The name of the Association is the Taiwan Provincial Morrison Christian Association Juridical Entity. (Hereinafter referred to as the Association)
  2. The Association is located at #136-1 Shui Nan Road, Taichung, Taiwan.
  3. The purpose of the Association is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to participate in local and international humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and gospel ministry. The Association is affiliated with charity, Bible research, and language, religion, education institutions and is a not-for-profit Christian organization in Taiwan.
  4. In carrying out the purposes stated in Article 3, the Association operates Bible schools, Taichung Morrison Academy American School, Taipei Bethany American School, Kaohsiung Morrison Academy American School, hostels, and language training centers.
  5. There shall be at least 7, but not more than 9 Directors in the Association. The term of Directors is five years. The Directors of the first session were elected and appointed by the American Morrison Christian Association. Starting from the second session and after, the Directors shall be elected and appointed by the Board of Directors of the previous session. Upon maturity of appointment and before the successors have been elected and appointed, the Directors of the previous session shall carry out their duties continuously.
  6. The Directors shall meet regularly, at least once every six months. If it is necessary to call for a provisional meeting, notice shall be given at least one month in advance to each Director. At the request of more than half of the Directors, the Chairman may call for a provisional meeting if notice is given seven days in advance.
  7. The quorum for a meeting of Directors shall consist of at least one half of all of the Directors. Resolutions shall be passed by a majority of votes, unless otherwise specified within these Articles.
  8. The Association shall have one Chairman who shall be elected by Directors in a Director's meeting. The Chairman is the legal representative of the Association.
  9. The Association may accept donations of property or currency from the American Morrison Christian Association, or any other donor whose goals are in keeping with the goals of the Association.
  10. Donations of personal property, real estate property, or currency shall be the property of the Association. Currency donations shall be used to promote the business of the Association. Donated real estate property shall also be used for the business of the Association.
  11. Disposition of any of the Association's real estate property shall first be approved through a resolution passed by the Board of Directors and then submitted to the appropriate government authorities for authorization.
  12. The Association is a permanent organization. If dissolved by cause, the remaining assets shall pay only debts. It is forbidden to in any way donate the above mentioned assets to any individual or personal enterprise, unless the Board of Directors has passed a resolution in a meeting to donate such remaining properties to a not-for-profit charity group who adheres to the Association's Statement of Faith and who is able to carry on the previous work and for which the official approval of the government has been granted.
  13. These Articles as well as amendments shall be submitted to the government for proper approval. Any modification or amendment of these Articles shall have 2/3 agreement of all of the Directors and an approval from the government competent authority.

These Articles were stipulated on May 20, 1965.
First Amendment was made on April 16, 1985.
Second Amendment was made on March 12, 1992.
Third Amendment was made on October 30, 1996.
Fourth Amendment was made on March 22, 2011.

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